"The fairfactory.cz is a 41 square meter recording studio committed to preserving the art and science of hybrid recording and mixing, the goal of the studio is providing the highest quality recordings for the most affordable price possible." You can order on-line services like editing, mixing, vocal correction/comping and mastering.



MIXING // MASTERING - mix, premaster, master, analog & digital in acoustically tuned control room with Quested monitoring system

RECORDING // OVERDUBS - vocal, separate tracking/adding percussions, strings, guitars, bass etc.

RECORDING the Drums - great room, drum kit, wood & brass snares, great preamps, all for your project

RECORDING a Band - recording live all at once in Two sound different rooms and Iso Booth, up to four musicians incl. drums

ON-LINE editing, mixing, mastering, soundesign, vocal editing, comping and correction in AVID Protools 12.8 (Mac)


Nikander Ette Enaka Pulsar Ken Allen fuARTet video

Studio Gear

Preamps - eight of APOGEE's, two AMS NEVE 1073's, four API 312's include dual 550b/D/Mastering EQs, Quested V2108 monitors

Microphones - Chandler Limited TG EMI, Coles 4038 Ribbons, Oktava MK-319, Sennheiser MD 421's, Shure 57's, Akg D112, subKick

Headphones - Audio Technica ATH-M50's & ATH-M30x, Extreme Isolation EX29, AKG 141, Presonus HP4's

Digital - Apogee conversion & clock, Apple MAC, Avid Pro Tools 12, Fabfilter, Plugin Alliance, Softube, Valhalla, FLUX, AA, Spitfire

Tea and coffee


Yamaha Club Custom 20"x15”, 12"x8”, 14"x13" Kapur made in Japan

Yamaha snare Recording Custom Brass 14”x6,5”, Gretsch snare Full Range Maple 10ply 14"x5"

Cymbals Zildjian K 15” light hat, Sabian HHX groove ride 21", all hardware incl. cymbals stands and Balance Pedal JoJo Mayer


The fairfactory.cz studio can accommodate budgets of varying sizes. Studio is available hourly with a 3 hour minimum.

Please contact Radek via email or call +420 739 255 972 to discuss the details of your recording or mixing project.


Radek Hrabovsky

record producer // mixer // engineer - master degree of electronics and communication - audio and video technology - Brno University Of Technology



Brno, Czech Republic
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